Why choose 2eight3? 

2eight3 started in 2013 with the vision of making genuine Custom made furniture where each piece is uniquely created for each client while at the same time using recycled timber that would otherwise end up becoming landfill. 2 eight 3 has organically grown by developing a loyal customer base, a strong reputation for communication, quality craftsmanship, and exceeding client expectations. 

When you engage with 2eight3 you become a part of the development process. It is your idea that 2eight3 make into a reality. How cool is that!

With 2eight3 the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours. You choose the concept, design, and the material.

How do I get an order started?

Simply contact  us or go to the "Get A Quote" online form. It will prompt you through the preliminary information that is required. Such as what item you would like custom made, any dimensions, or inspiration images that you can provide.

What timber do you use?

Our primary focus is on the use of Recycled Timbers which generally consist of mixed species Hardwood and Oregon. However, we often make pieces from "New" timber and can source a wide variety of Australian and imported timbers.


Where do you get your timber?


We purchase all our recycled timber through local Central Coast demolition yards as we like to support other local businesses as much as possible. This also means that in most cases the timber used in our pieces has been pulled out of houses that were built on the Central Coast demolished on the Central Coast and then used to make furniture that goes into a home on the Central Coast and the money generated at each step of the process is spent on the Central Coast.

We source all our "New" timber through various reputable timber merchants who are FSC® & PEFC™ Certified and have Chain of Custody Accreditation.

Why would I use Recycled over New timber??

The choice to use Recycled or New timber is always a personal preference decision. However, from an aesthetic position,

Recycled timber will give more "Character" i.e it will have, nail holes, screw holes, blemishes, scars and all the markings of having a past life which gives each piece of furniture a story and a completely unique look that cannot be replicated. Plus it's helping the environment!! 


New timber will give a much cleaner overall look and will have its own story with the natural variations in tones and grains between each board which in turn will give a beautiful end result and allow it to create it's own story. Being sustainable sourced this is also an environmentally friendly option. :)

Is Recycled timber cheaper?

Due to the process and labour required to remove old nails, screws, finishes and the like before timber can be run through machines in order to dress it back and get it to a workable state recycled timber generally costs the same or more than NEW (off the shelf timber) but the character and story of recycled timber is timeless. 

How long does production take?

In most cases the lead time on custom orders is 6- 8 weeks from the time that a formal quotation is accepted and deposit is received.

Delivery or Pick Up?

Pick up of your completed piece is always welcomed, alternatively local and interstate delivery can be arranged.

If you would like a quote for delivery please include your suburb and state in your enquiry so that freight charges can be calculated.

Do you have a shop?

At present we do not have a physical shop /showroom as all pieces are custom made so for the moment the best examples of what is possible can be found on the Gallery page of the website or if you would prefer the social media platforms we can be found on both Instagram and Facebook . To browse any past custom jobs, please view the gallery on our website.

Can you provide upholstery or metal fabrication?

Yes, we work closely with experienced and professional upholsterers and metal fabricators in order to provide a smooth and all encompassing service to our clients.

Pricing and Quotes?

All 2 eight 3 pieces are custom made or in the case of "Available Now" are one off pieces.

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity and as such any pricing or quotes given are reflective of the design time, labour and materials required for a particular piece.

Price matching is something that we are on occasion asked about. We are a small independent business and as such we cannot and will not discuss or entertain the thought of "price matching" of any description.

The Furniture and Interior design market is ever growing and there are many amazing craftsmen, artisans and designers who work extremely hard to provide their services and skills to the public and under no circumstance will we ever intentionally undercut a similar business to ourselves. Nor do we quote on plans or designs provided to us by a potential client who have been provided with said plans or designs by other businesses or craftsman in the hope that we can create their design at a cheaper price. (This may sound crazy but it does happen and we will never knowingly quote on or undertake work in this way).