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My name is Jono D`Aprix.

A Carpenter by trade, I started 2eight3 in 2013 after spending 10+ years working on building sites and watching countless skip bins, ute’s and trailers filled with old timber and other building materials being taken to the tip to become landfill.


Along with many of you, I believe that there is a way we can enjoy pre-loved timber and building materials in the form of furniture. Furniture that is; built to last, good for the environment, and helps contribute to a more sustainable way of life.


Since I first started working as a Carpenter, I have built furniture for my own home and was often asked by my family, friends and clients over the years if I could build them a custom piece of furniture, as they were unable to find anything that either fit in their available space or suited their personal style.


Every piece of furniture I make has its own character and individuality that cannot be reproduced as all the materials used are very different and have their own story.


The aim with each piece of furniture is to incorporate the following 3 principles: 


Design - focused on bringing a unique, relaxed and natural atmosphere to any space in the home or business with all pieces being as individual as the materials they are comprised of.


Creation - based upon producing exclusive 'one-of-a-kind' pieces, using primarily recycled, re-claimed timber and other materials, that would otherwise become landfill.


Functionality - the most important element during design and creation, focusing on the simplicity, usability, and practicality of each piece.


2eight3 - Custom Timber Furniture
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